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Bars and discotheques provide lively entertainment. Singing and dancing is an integral part of daily life here. Music and rhythm comes naturally to the Nampula people.

The dance of the Tufo, peculiar to Ilha de Moçambique is for example very energetic and requires a great deal of agility and dexterity on the part of the performer. Also peculiar to the region is the white root extract the women apply to their faces and body to make their skin soft and smooth.


Choose from Chocas beach in Mossuril or in Nacala, Fernão Velose beach, or farol Beach on Ilha de Goa, in front of Ilha de Moçambique, where the white sands and transparent waters where dolphins play, are irresistibly inviting.

The giant marine turtles lay their eggs here and on clear nights is it possible to witness this fascinating sight.

The main attractions on Ilha de Moçambique are: the old part of the city with its buildings of stone and coral, the arte-sacra museum, the Chopal built in Manuelino style, the Fort of S.Sebastião, the Palace of São Paulo, the monument to Luis de Camões who wrote part of “The Lusiadas” during his two years stay there, the Hindu Temple, and other remains testifying to the peoples and cultures that assed there.

Nampula is a modern city built along modern architectural lines. On the outskirts of the town the landscape is suddenly and curiously interrupted by a number of granite domes and peaks. The Dam that supplies the city with water is also a point of interest.

A visit to the Cathedral is recommended and also the Ethnography Museum on Av. Eduardo Mondlane where works of art representative of Mozambique culture are on show.

The city of Angoche on the coast, once inhabited by Arabs and Swahilis is well known for shrimp fishing.

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